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Mattheus van der Nat studied mathematics and physics at the University of Leiden. After several years of research at the University of Leiden, he joined (then) Bank Mees & Hope in Rotterdam as a management trainee (1980). Thereafter, he held several positions in the bank's credit department. In 1987 he joined (then) AMRO Bank in Amsterdam, as head of product management of AMRO Treasury Manager (electronic banking). After a period as an alderman for economic affairs for the City of Leiden Dr van der Nat rejoined (then) AMRO Bank as a senior consultant with Treasury Management Consultants. In 1992 he was appointed as a vice president for ABN AMRO Treasury Management Consultants and since 1998 until 2004 he has served as head of this department. Now he is a State Councilor of the Dutch Council of State and a director of RISKMATRIX, a Dutch firm specialised in training and publishing concerning treasury and finance. However, the training activities have been taken over by consulting firm Conquaestor in 2012. In 1993 he was also appointed as a professor of treasury management at the VU University Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit). He held this position until 2016. He is a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers in London and the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers. In the period 1999 - 2006 he was a deputy member of the Social and Economic Council in the Netherlands (SER). the main advisory body of the Dutch government on national and international social and economic policy. He has also held several non-executive directorships.
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